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No one thinks a fire is going to occur at their house or business, but billions of dollars in fire damage happen each year. Most Houston homes have smoke alarms/detectors, however, is that really enough? Firefighters are now urging residents to also install fire sprinklers systems in their homes and businesses. Most people have probably seen fire sprinklers in movie theaters, schools, or any commercial building, but there are also fire Houston Fire Sprinklerssprinklers designed specifically for residential homes.
Fire sprinklers systems can not only put out the fire within minutes of a fire but also can offer residents more time to escape the premises under the assault of fire. Remember, a fire can spread FAST! It only takes 30 seconds for a fire to spread and consume an entire house. That does not allow a lot of time for a person to react, but a fire sprinkler could work on your behalf while the firefighters arrive at the scene.