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Advantage Interests Inc. is a leading Houston-based Fire Protection company servicing the Industrial, Commercial and Offshore markets. For over 25 years, Advantage has provided fire and gas detection, suppression, sprinkler and security systems within the most basic applications to the most complex and remote environments all across the globe. When it comes to Fire Protection, WE ARE YOUR ADVANTAGE.


Gas Detection Systems: How They Work and Why They Matter

Along with your San Antonio fire alarms, gas detection systems are one of the primary …

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Understanding Water Mist Fire Protection

Your company depends on your Austin fire sprinklers to protect against fires and to promote …

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How New Technologies Are Affecting the Fire Protection Industry

Technological advances have had a significant impact on the fire safety field. Working with a …

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What Kind of Fire Protection Does Your Business Need?

Designing and implementing the perfect fire protection and suppression system is a challenging proposition that …

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