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Advantage Interests Inc. is a leading Houston-based Fire Protection company servicing the Industrial, Commercial and Offshore markets. For over 25 years, Advantage has provided fire and gas detection, suppression, sprinkler and security systems within the most basic applications to the most complex and remote environments all across the globe. When it comes to Fire Protection, WE ARE YOUR ADVANTAGE.


The Risks of Class D Fires

Most fires are categorized as Class A and occur when wood, paper, plastic or other …

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Fire Protection Requirements for Offshore Facilities

Drilling rigs and other offshore facilities require special attention to ensure the safest environment for …

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Managing Fire Risks in Commercial Kitchens

Restaurants and food service facilities require special fire protection measures to operate safely and within …

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Fire Protection System Market to Top $95 Billion by 2025

According to a recent report released by Zion Market Research, global spending on fire protection …

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