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Advantage Interests Inc. is a leading Houston-based Fire Protection company servicing the Industrial, Commercial and Offshore markets. For over 25 years, Advantage has provided fire and gas detection, suppression, sprinkler and security systems within the most basic applications to the most complex and remote environments all across the globe. When it comes to Fire Protection, WE ARE YOUR ADVANTAGE.


Key Steps to Improving Workplace Fire Safety for the Oil and Gas Industry

Taking proactive measures to protect oil drilling sites and refineries from fire can reduce the …

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Austin Gas Detection Challenges for Industrial and Chemical Plants

Gas detection is of critical importance in industrial environments, including offshore drilling rigs, land based …

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How the Tax Reform Helped Businesses Needing Houston Fire Sprinklers

We have wonderful news for businesses regarding fire safety and installing Houston fire sprinklers. Thanks …

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Houston Fire Protection Company’s Guide to Fire Extinguishers

As a Houston fire protection company, it comes as no shock that we believe it’s …

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