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As a leading provider of Houston fire protection services, Advantage Interests Inc. offers a full range of fire protection and fire suppression systems designed to meet the needs of industrial and commercial companies. We have more than 22 years of experience in the Houston fire suppression marketplace and are committed to serving our customers in a wide variety of environments:

  • Offshore oil rigs and drilling facilities
  • Commercial warehouses and distribution centers
  • Industrial facilities, especially refineries, manufacturing sites, and chemical plants
  • Apartment buildings and condominium developments
  • Any other industrial or commercial facilities

We are the leading retailer and installer of Houston fire sprinklers and fire alarm systems. At Advantage Interests Inc., we deliver excellence in the field of fire protection.

Experience Sets Us Apart

Advantage Interests Inc. was founded in 1992 by Mike Hunsucker, an established fire protection professional in his own right. Hunsucker’s prior experience with cutting-edge gas detection technologies and fire suppression techniques has allowed the company to grow and expand over the years to serve the entire Houston community. Along with partner Mike Staley, Hunsucker was also integrally involved in the founding and day-to-day operations of Texas Suppression Contractors (TSC). The longtime cooperative relationship between TSC and Advantage Interests Inc. resulted in a merger in 2002 that combined the strengths of both companies. This has allowed us to reach a larger market and to provide elite fire protection, suppression, and detection services throughout the Houston area.

Our Mission

At Advantage Interests Inc., we are committed to providing the most cost-effective and practical solutions for the fire and safety needs of our clients. We deliver the most accurate information regarding fire alarms, fire protection, detection, and suppression. Our staff members maintain the highest degree of expertise and excellence in the Houston fire protection industry and continually update their training and skills to ensure the most advanced fire safety solutions for our customers.

Advantage Interests Inc. Today

We employ the most knowledgeable and skilled technicians to design, install, and repair your fire protection systems. Advantage Interests Inc. is a leader in the Houston gas detection industry and can provide fire suppression systems designed specifically for offshore drilling rigs, chemical processing plants, and other high-tech facilities. We can install and maintain clean agent fire protection systems that can safely extinguish flames while minimizing damage to computer equipment. At Advantage Interests Inc., we stay on the cutting edge of modern fire detection and suppression technology to ensure the safety of your property and your staff members.

Advantage Interests Inc. takes pride in providing you with top-quality installations and repairs to suit your corporate needs and your budget. Contact us today to discuss your fire protection needs with one of our professional technicians and to pave the way to a safer working environment for your valued employees.