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Advantage Interests Inc. offers a full range of fire protection, detection and suppression products from top manufacturers. Our expert technicians can help by designing the most effective fire protection systems with cutting-edge products that ensure the safety of your facility, your workers, and your financial investment.

Houston Fire Alarm Systems

At Advantage Interests Inc., we sell and install advanced fire alarm systems with addressable control panels and state-of-the-art sensors that provide early warning of fire for your employees. Our smoke and fire detectors incorporate ionization and photoelectric technologies to ensure the most accurate detection of fires during their early stages. We can also install networked solutions to provide faster response times and microprocessor sensors that significantly reduce the number of false alarms. Centralized addressable fire control panels allow you to determine the location of the fire at a glance to ensure faster response times and greater safety for your staff members.

Advanced Gas Detection Systems

Offshore oil platforms, chemical processing plants, and petroleum refineries require reliable gas detection solutions to prevent dangerous situations in potentially hazardous work areas. Gas detection systems can be calibrated to detect flammable or toxic gases before they reach critical levels and create serious risks for your workplace and your staff members. At Advantage Interests Inc., our trained and knowledgeable technical staff can provide you with the right gas detection options to suit your budget and your safety needs.

Houston Fire Suppression

Fire extinguishing and fire suppression systems can reduce the damage caused by fires in your workplace. Advantage Interests Inc. offers a full range of fire sprinklers to suit your facility’s precise specifications. We can install kitchen and galley hoods specifically designed to control and subdue fires in commercial and industrial cooking environments. Our foam and gas suppression systems are designed to provide added control for electrical and chemical fires without the risks associated with fire sprinkler systems. The technicians at Advantage Interests Inc. can also design and install cutting-edge clean agent fire suppression systems ideal for use in areas with electronic equipment. We deliver the best product options for your company’s fire suppression needs.

Advantage Interests Inc. also supplies an extensive selection of networking accessories, fire extinguishers, and other fire safety related equipment. We perform regular inspections, provide recharge services, and offer consulting and design services to help you upgrade or replace your current system with an integrated fire safety solution that meets your company’s specific set of needs. Our tech team will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products and services. Advantage Interests Inc. offers comprehensive fire protection, suppression, and detection solutions tailor-made for your facility. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of top-quality fire safety products and to design your own customized system with the help of our expert technicians. We look forward to working with you.