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Advantage Interests Inc. offers expert consulting and design services for Houston construction companies and industrial enterprises. We can create innovative fire safety systems that meet all applicable standards and building codes and that provide outstanding protection for tenants, workers, and visitors to these sites. The experienced technical staff at Advantage Interests Inc. can install, repair, and maintain all types of fire protection systems to ensure proper function long after the initial construction is completed.

Innovative Engineering and Construction Solutions

We specialize in creating integrated fire protection systems for a wide range of work environments, including the following:

  • Addressable fire panels integrated with fire and gas detection and alarm systems for offshore platforms, drilling rigs, and petroleum refineries
  • Suppression systems that incorporate cutting-edge extinguishing agents, including foam agents, FE-13 systems, high and low pressure FM-200 systems for commercial and offshore use, green-friendly Inergen commercial systems, clean agent fire suppressants, and repair or replacement of Halon 1301 systems still in use
  • Engine room solutions and shutdown systems for offshore rigs, drilling platforms, and ocean-going vessels
  • Commercial kitchen and galley hood fire suppressant systems designed to meet UL 300 test standards and to limit the spread of fire while protecting workers and equipment
  • Vent snuffing systems that comply with applicable Bureau of Mines and American Gas Association standards
  • A full range of customized solutions for industrial, commercial, and offshore facilities

We work with you to find the right fire protection solutions for your building project and provide you with expert guidance throughout the construction process. The consultants and technicians at Advantage Interests Inc. can also deliver tailor-made solutions for renovating existing buildings and bringing them up to code in a cost-effective way.

Industry Knowledge and Experience Makes the Difference

The professional technicians at Advantage Interests Inc. have extensive experience in the fire protection field. We sell and install systems from top manufacturers, including Ansul, Kidde, and Siemens. Our dedication to quality and customer service has made us a trusted resource for construction companies, manufacturers, and petroleum industry enterprises in the Houston area and around the world. We specialize in creating integrated fire safety systems for offshore drilling rigs and platforms and provide the most effective and cost-efficient solutions for our clients in the energy industry. As the leading fire protection company in Houston, Advantage Interests Inc. offers comprehensive support for your new construction or renovation projects.

Our skilled technicians can also provide emergency repair services for your existing fire protection equipment and can upgrade outdated fire control panels and detection systems. At Advantage Interests Inc., we deliver the best in the fire protection industry and provide you with the follow-up support you need to ensure the success of your project. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our expert consultants or to schedule repairs, renovations, or inspections of your current fire protection systems.