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Advantage Interests Inc. offers comprehensive fire safety services for our clients in the Houston area. As the leading Houston fire protection company, we sell, install, and service fire alarms, fire sprinklers, gas detection systems, and fire suppression equipment. We also provide consulting and design services for industrial and commercial firms, offshore drilling rigs, and ocean-going vessels to ensure the highest degree of safety for workers in these environments. At Advantage Interests Inc., we are committed to providing top quality fire protection services for your company and your staff members.

Houston Fire Alarms

Advantage Interests Inc. can design, install, and service fire alarm systems that incorporate the latest in ionization, photoelectric, and combination technologies to ensure the safety of your facility and your staff. Clearly audible alarm sounds, strobe lights, and emergency lighting solutions are combined into one integrated system that delivers outstanding protection for workers and visitors to your site. Addressable fire panels can provide at-a-glance information on the location of the fire for faster response by your on-staff fire brigade or local firefighters. Gas detection systems from Advantage Interests Inc. are ideally suited to chemical processing facilities, petroleum refineries, and offshore drilling rigs and can provide early warning of flammable gas leaks and other hazardous or toxic conditions in the workplace environment.

Sprinklers and Fire Suppression Equipment

We are the leading supplier of Houston fire sprinklers and serve the needs of commercial and industrial firms throughout the metropolitan area. Fire sprinklers are ideal for most commercial and office buildings. For areas with sensitive equipment or highly flammable materials, however, clean agent systems provide added protection without the risks associated with water-based fire suppression systems. Advantage Interests Inc. can design a comprehensive system for your company that incorporates cutting-edge technologies and provides the most effective fire suppression for areas with toxic materials, chemical processing plants, and offshore refineries and drilling rigs.

Consulting and Design

The experienced and knowledgeable professionals at Advantage Interests Inc. will work with your company to help design a comprehensive fire safety plan that suits both your budget and your facility’s requirements. We can create an integrated fire protection system that encompasses fire sprinklers and clean agent fire suppression systems, state of the art heat and smoke detectors, alarm systems and the most advanced gas detection equipment on the market today. Whether you need to retrofit your existing facility or equip a new one, Advantage Interests Inc. can provide you with the right fire safety system for your needs.

At Advantage Interests Inc., we also recharge and service all types of fire protection systems and stand behind our work to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss our full line of fire safety services and to experience the best customer service in the Houston fire protection industry.