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The right fire protection plan can make the difference between life and death for your employees. Experience and in-depth knowledge of current technologies in fire protection, detection, and suppression allow the team at Advantage Interests Inc. to provide plans and systems tailored to your corporate needs. We sell, install, and repair a comprehensive array of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, gas detection units, and fire suppression devices in the Houston metro area to ensure that your facility and your employees stay safer on the job. As a leading Houston fire suppression firm, we have the experience and skills necessary to meet your company’s requirements.

Houston Fire Alarm Systems

We install, repair, and replace all types of fire alarm systems and specialize in upgrading outdated technologies to safer, more advanced systems that provide solid protection for your facility. Strobe lighting alert systems are useful in areas with high noise levels or for hearing-impaired visitors and staff members. Our audible alarm systems offer early warnings to ensure prompt evacuations from facilities at the first sign of fire. At Advantage Interests Inc., we deliver tailor-made fire alarm systems that meet all applicable codes and standards and measure up to strict OSHA worker safety requirements. We also install cutting-edge gas detection systems for use in chemical plants, oil refineries, and other areas where toxic gases can present risks to property or people. By monitoring the buildup of flammable or hazardous gases in corporate facilities, your company can reduce the risk of fires and explosions.

Houston Fire Suppression

Fire suppression strategies include sprinkler systems, clean agents, and other flame retardants and architectural designs to contain fires in limited areas. The experienced professionals at Advantage Interests Inc. will consult with you to determine the most effective way to contain and control fires on your premises and to reduce the risks they pose to your staff members and your business. We can recommend the right fire suppression tools for the job, including the following:

  • Fire sprinklers provide rapid response to fires on factory floors and in commercial residential developments
  • Server rooms and areas that house sensitive equipment can be protected using clean agent suppressant systems that minimize damage to electronics while controlling fires effectively
  • Fire doors can contain the smoke, heat, and flames associated with fast-burning fires to a small area until firefighters can arrive on the scene, allowing extra time for staff members and guests to exit the premises safely

At Advantage Interests Inc., we have over 22 years of experience in the Houston fire safety industry and can provide the most effective fire suppression solutions for your facility and your operations.

The technicians and fire safety experts at Advantage Interests Inc. have the practical experience and in-depth knowledge to ensure that your workers and property are protected. Contact us today to discuss your commercial, industrial, or offshore fire protection requirements with our friendly and courteous staff. We look forward to serving your fire safety needs.