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Installing and maintaining Austin fire alarms is a good first step toward protecting your people and your property in our area. Making sure that your employees understand how to use your company’s fire extinguishers also provides you with added peace of mind and ensures safety in your working environment. Many mistakes commonly occur when staff members use extinguishers to fight fires in the workplace.

Failing to Remove the Pin

Even with proper training in the use of fire extinguishers, it is easy to forget to pull the safety pin when deploying these devices to fight an actual fire. The pin on your fire extinguisher is intended to prevent accidental spraying. A tamper tie may also be added by your fire safety inspection team to provide even greater protection against accidental deployment. Removing these safety devices is necessary before your employees use the fire extinguisher to put out a blaze.

Taking the High Road

Most Austin fire alarms safety experts recommend spraying the extinguisher at the lowest visible point of the fire rather than spraying over the top of the flames. This stops the fire at its source and eliminates its ability to burn fuel. Sweeping the spray of the fire extinguisher along the bottom of the fire allows your San Antonio fire sprinklers to take care of any stray flames. This allows your employees to reduce the spread of the fire and stop it in its tracks more quickly.

Getting a Closer Look

Standing at a safe distance from the fire is necessary to prevent burns and avoid spreading the fire. The experts at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommend staying at least eight feet away from open flames when attempting to control them using a hand-held fire extinguisher. Maintaining this distance prevents burns and other negative effects that occur from close exposure to fires in the workplace.

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