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Advantage Interests is your total Fire Alarm Inspection and Repair resource. Our fire alarm techs are expertly trained in fire alarm systems and well educated on local Houston TX Fire Codes and always happy to answer your questions about fire alarm inspections. We offer service in addition to technologically innovative fire alarm systems that are intuitive, scalable, and reliable.

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A reliable way to prevent the loss of life and property is to catch potential problems early. Inspections, service, and testing, according to the National Fire Protection Association Standards, will certainly ensure that your fire alarm system will perform as it was designed.  We also recommend that you have portable fire extinguishers installed throughout your facility and provide fire extinguisher safety training to ensure everyone knows what to do in a fire emergency.  Practicing a fire drill is also an excellent way to train your work force on the importance of fire safety.

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Each fire safety system has its own inspection as well as upkeep schedule. As an example, a fire alarm system is required to be inspected yearly, a sensitivity examination is mandated every 2 years, and your smoke dampers are required to be inspected every 5 years.

Advantage Interests will ensure your Fire Alarm System is Fire Code Compliant and in proper functioning order.  We are your complete fire alarm source for the Houston TX area.  For more information from the State of Texas, please click this link for the Texas Administrative Code – Fire Inspections.

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Have a new project or retrofit project starting. Our Fire Alarm Design team will certainly find and design the best solution for your structure.

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