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Houston Fire Protection CompanyDesigning and implementing the perfect fire protection and suppression system is a challenging proposition that usually requires the help of a Houston fire protection company. Understanding the five types of fires and the right fire protection strategies for each will help your business if a fire should occur.

Class A Fires

Class A fires can occur almost anywhere and are fueled by paper, cloth, wood or other materials commonly found in work areas. A combination of appropriately placed Houston fire alarms, fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems will typically bring these fires under control quickly and effectively.

Class B Fires

Flammable liquids and gases pose serious risks in the working environment and are the fuel used by Class B fires. Refineries, chemical plants and manufacturing facilities require specialized Houston fire suppression equipment that cuts off the source of fuel or oxygen to the fire. Water will only cause the fire to spread to other areas of your work spaces. Your Houston fire protection company can provide the right type of protection against Class B fires in your facility.

Class C Fires

Electrical equipment is fed by a power source and may result from shorts in wiring, electrical equipment or other systems that draw on electricity. Eliminating the source of the problem by turning off the power is a practical first step toward controlling these fires. Class C fires are addressed with specialized fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems that smother these flames. In some cases, the gases or suppressing materials are designed to minimize damage to computer equipment in server rooms and industrial facilities.

Class D Fires

Combustible metals are the fuel for Class D fires. These materials include lithium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and zirconium. Dry powder fire extinguishing systems are the most practical option for Class D fires. If your manufacturing or industrial facility maintains supplies of these substances on your work site, consulting with a Houston fire protection company can help to protect your property and people against these dangerous fires.

Class K Fires

Class K fires typically occur in restaurants and food service facilities. These types of fires take their fuel from cooking oils, grease and fats. Specialized fire extinguishers are required in these areas to provide wet mist coverage. Your Houston fire protection company will help you determine the right solutions for keeping kitchen areas safe.

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