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Modern data centers in Houston and throughout the world provide cutting-edge storage and protection for corporate files and operating systems. These advanced computing systems, however, require equally advanced methods of fire suppression and control. Understanding the basics and best practices of fire suppression in data center facilities can help you plan for and manage these emergencies more effectively. Here are five of the most important guidelines to consider when installing Houston fire sprinklers and fire suppression systems for your corporate data center.

Fine-Tune Your Detection and Alarm Systems

False alarms can cause significant disruptions in your business operations. Installing top-quality detection systems is critical to avoid unnecessary release of flame suppressing materials by automatic response systems. Additionally, advanced detection systems can provide improved protection for workers in data centers and allow faster response times in an emergency. Including audible alarms and flashing lights can ensure that all members of your staff are aware of the danger when it arises.

Integrate Low-Tech Response Tools

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Fire extinguishers may not have the high-tech allure of automatic systems. For smaller fires, however, these portable devices can provide a fast and effective way to control the flames and to prevent additional damage. Proper training should be offered to staff members in the use of available fire extinguishers. Regular inspections of these systems are typically required by law and can ensure that they are in good working order when they are needed most.

Choose the Right Fire Suppressant Solution

For years, Halon was the most commonly used fire-suppressing agent in electronic environments. The negative effects of Halon on the ozone layer, however, led to its gradual phase-out for these applications. Today, most fire suppressant systems rely on one of two methods:

  • Inert gas systems remove oxygen from the area of the fire to smother it naturally. While these fire suppressant agents are generally considered the safest way to protect equipment and stop fires, they tend to be bulkier and to take up extra space in the working environment.
  • Clean agent systems use halocarbon compounds to remove heat and extinguish fires. These halocarbons can potentially create a corrosive effect that can cause damage to electronic systems and may pose risks to first responders and office staff.

Choosing the right suppression system can help your company reduce downtime associated with cleanup and remediation while ensuring the safest working environment for staff.

Use Sprinkler Systems as Back-Up

Because water can be so damaging to server systems and other delicate electronic equipment, sprinkler systems should be the line of last defense in your fire protection arsenal. Working with a company that specializes in Houston fire suppression solutions can ensure that these systems deploy in the correct order and that delay features are built in to allow a more targeted response when fires occur. These knowledgeable professionals can deliver the safest and most effective tiered protection strategy for your data storage facilities.

Emergency Cut-Off Switches

Installing power-off switches inside your facility can help to prevent unneeded dispersion of fire suppression materials. This can reduce the risk of data loss and damage to valuable equipment during false alarms or for cases in which the fire was brought under control quickly through the use of hand-held fire extinguishers. Quick action can also reduce downtime throughout your facility.

At Advantage Interests Inc., we specialize in providing Houston fire alarms, detection systems and suppression solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of modern businesses. We work with the Texas energy industry to create and install customized solutions for oil rigs, refineries, chemical plants, and many other industrial environments. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of fire suppression can help you get back up and running more quickly and can limit damage to key systems in your facility, allowing you to enjoy a real competitive edge in the industrial marketplace.