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Along with your San Antonio fire alarms, gas detection systems are one of the primary components of your fire protection equipment. These advanced systems are usually put in place to provide early warning of chemical leaks or risk of fires in refineries, chemical processing plants and other areas in which toxic chemicals are sometimes used. If you are considering an installation of a San Antonio gas detection system for your facility, here are some of the basic facts you should know.

Gas Detection Systems Come in Different Types

Depending on your needs, your San Antonio fire suppression team may recommend a gas detection system for combustible or toxic gases:

  • Combustible gas detectors, as their name suggests, measure gases that are flammable and that could potentially cause a fire. These detection systems use infrared sensors that react with changes in the quality of light or catalytic sensors that react chemically to the presence of certain gases to provide early warning of gas leaks in your facility.
  • Toxic gas detection systems are also categorized according to the type of sensors they contain. Metal oxide semiconductors use a film of tungsten or tin oxide that will react in the presence of certain toxic gases, including carbon monoxide. Electrochemical sensors employ electrodes that send an electrical signal if carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide or chlorine gas is present.

These systems offer added protection for businesses in which toxic or flammable chemicals are used on a routine basis. Working with a company that specializes in fire protection will often provide you with the best solutions for your specific set of needs.

Why Gas Detection Systems Matter

In chemical plants and other processing facilities, gas detection systems can provide early warning that can work hand-in-hand with your San Antonio fire alarms to provide added protection for your staff members and your facilities. This will allow for faster response times and will typically reduce damage to your facility or business if a serious gas leak occurs.

The experts at Advantage Interests Incorporated offer professional installation and sales of San Antonio fire alarms, gas detection systems and other fire protection equipment to provide the most practical support for your facility. We work with oil and gas companies, chemical processing plants, commercial and retail businesses and industrial firms to provide the best and most practical support for all your current and future fire protection needs. Call us today at 830-455-3473 to request further information or to schedule a quote for your business. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.