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AnsulAt Advantage Interests Inc., we use only top-quality fire safety products from established manufacturers like Ansul. Founded by Frank Hood in 1915, Ansul initially produced anhydrous sulfur dioxide, a chemical compound necessary to the refrigeration industry. In 1946, Ansul revolutionized the world of portable fire extinguishers by developing and releasing new dry chemical extinguisher units that provided superior fire suppression power for commercial and industrial use. Ansul was the first company to design and develop automatic fire suppression systems for use in restaurants, ship galleys, and in mining enterprises. Today, Ansul continues to be a leader in developing new fire protection technologies and in delivering the best fire protection equipment in the industry.

Specialized Fire Safety Systems

Advantage Interests Inc. sells, installs, and services Ansul products for our customers in the Houston area, including the following:

  • Pre-engineered R-102 restaurant fire suppression systems
  • Foam, chemical, and low-pressure carbon dioxide fire suppression systems
  • A full range of Sentry, K-Guard, and CleanGuard fire extinguishers
  • Pre-engineered vehicle systems that reduce damage and injuries due to fire
  • Marine foam, high-pressure carbon dioxide gas, and INERGEN fire suppression systems for use on ships and offshore drilling rigs
  • Ansul Sapphire clean agent systems for areas with electronic equipment
  • Twin-agent systems for superior fire control
  • Industrial solutions tailored to specific environments and working conditions
  • Piped-in dry chemical fire suppression systems for work and storage areas at higher risk of dangerous fires

Our technical team has the experience and the expertise to design a comprehensive fire safety strategy for your company’s commercial or industrial properties. We use only top-quality fire protection products to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Ansul Fire Alarms and Detection Systems

Addressable fire control panels from Ansul allow continual monitoring and feature modular design, making it easy to add on to these systems as your fire protection needs change. The professional installation and service technicians at Advantage Interests Inc. can help you incorporate this advanced equipment into your existing fire safety setup or can design a brand-new system based on this advanced technology. We also sell and install Ansul’s VESDA smoke detection systems for the fastest possible response times and the most accurate early warnings for your line staff and your building maintenance crew. Gas detection systems can alert you to the potential for a dangerous fire in your facility before it occurs.

Advantage Interests Inc. delivers cutting-edge safety solutions from top manufacturers to make sure that you, your staff, and your buildings and equipment are protected against fire. We install, service, and recharge fire protection systems throughout the Houston area and stand behind our work to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss your fire protection needs with one of our knowledgeable and experienced professional staff and to discover the best customer service in the Houston fire safety industry.