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kiddeA leading force in advanced fire protection solutions for commercial and industrial use, Kidde Fire Systems manufactures a full range of fire suppression, detection, and control products for commercial and industrial companies. With more than 90 years in the fire safety business, Kidde offers a full range of fire protection solutions to include the following:

  • Fire sprinklers
  • Fire protection fluid dispersal units
  • Dry chemical systems for industrial use
  • Badger portable fire extinguishers
  • WHDR wet chemical systems for restaurants, galleys, and commercial cooking environments
  • Clean agent fire suppressant systems
  • Marine systems for ocean-going vessels

Advantage Interests Inc. is an official distributor for Kidde fire protection products and provides installation, service, and inspections for this technologically advanced equipment.

Fire Detectors and Alarms

Kidde Fire Systems also manufactures and distributes a complete lineup of fire detection systems and alarms to protect your workers and your facility. The experienced technicians at Advantage Interests Inc. can help you select the right detection solution for your workplace:

  • Kidde SmartOne photoelectric, ionization, and thermal smoke and heat detectors for apartment buildings, retail facilities, and other conventional venues
  • Highly sensitive AIR-Intelligence and Orion XT sensors that detect fires in the early stages, providing you and your employees with added time to combat the blaze or exit the area
  • Kidde AlarmLine systems that reduce the threat of false alarms while providing dependable, addressable information for your building management team
  • Detect-a-Fire units for areas in which corrosion, humidity, or temperature fluctuations may be factors in performance
  • Addressable control panels that allow your building managers to identify the location of a fire at a glance and take appropriate measures to evacuate staff members and direct firefighters
  • Clearly audible multi-tone horns, bells, and strobe lighting to ensure that all staff are alerted to the risk of fire in your facility

We specialize in creating state-of-the-art fire safety solutions for commercial and industrial firms in and around Houston.

Kidde Systems for Industrial and Commercial Use

The team at Advantage Interests Inc. can install Kidde fire protection systems to suit a wide range of regulatory and environmental requirements:

  • Integrated flammable gas detection, fire suppression, and fire detection systems for offshore rigs and petroleum refineries
  • Specialized gas detection systems for chemical plants
  • Comprehensive fire sprinkler systems for apartments, hotels, hospitals, and schools
  • Clean agent systems designed specifically for high-tech enterprises

We deliver the options best suited to your facility and to your corporate budget, allowing you to protect your employees and your property more effectively.

Advantage Interests Inc. delivers the best solutions from top manufacturers like Kidde to ensure that your facilities and your employees are protected against fire. Contact us to discuss your fire safety project with one of our trained and experienced technicians today.