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Often referred to as the invisible killer, carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, making it difficult to detect for you and your employees alike.   Therefore, it is imperative that you follow strict safety guidelines at your facility to minimize employee exposure to this deadly gas.

The process of preventing carbon monoxide exposure at your facility starts long before you install fire alarms on the premises.  When shopping for an alarm that detects carbon monoxide, look for one containing a label of a recognized testing laboratory.  Do not purchase a unit without such a label. Also, during the shopping process, do not hesitate to ask questions.  You owe that to yourself and your staff.   Failure to do so could lead to fatal Austin Gas Protectionconsequences.

Once you have chosen the carbon monoxide alarm you believe best suits your facility’s needs, install it with care, or have a professional fire protection company do so.  That means following the manufacturer’s instructions for appropriate placement and mounting height.  If installing multiple alarms, make sure to interconnect them.  This ensures if one sounds, they all sound.  After the carbon monoxide alarms have been installed, make a phone call to your local fire department’s non-emergency number so you know the right number to call if the alarm sounds.

The Importance of Crafting a Carbon Monoxide Safety Plan

Without an accompanying safety plan to protect your employees and your bottom line, a carbon monoxide alarm cannot effectively do its job: saving lives.   Any carbon monoxide safety plan should detail the following:

  • How to properly use carbon monoxide alarms throughout the business premises
  • Steps to take when an alarm sounds, including where employees can find gas masks and instructions for properly putting them on
  • All fire escape routes out of the facility
  • The number to call to reach the local fire department
  • How often alarms are to be tested to ensure they are functioning properly

Following the creation of a carbon monoxide safety plan, hold one-on-one or staff meetings to educate your employees. Tests or quizzes should be given to ensure they have a strong grasp of the information included.  Post copies of the plan throughout your facility and give each employee their own personal hard copy of the plan.  At regular intervals throughout the year, review the details with all employees and test how well they know them.

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