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Fire sprinklerMany people consider fire sprinkler systems to be expensive and potentially damaging to buildings and interiors. However, the National Fire Prevention Association demonstrates that these systems save lives, money and property. If you live in the San Antonio area and want to protect your property and loved ones, it is worthwhile to get the facts about the cost and effectiveness of these systems from a reputable San Antonio fire protection company. It’s important to understand the actual facts behind the common misconceptions regarding fire sprinkler systems.

Smoke Alarms Are Enough

Smoke alarms are an important element in protecting people and property from fire. However, smoke alarms only alert occupants of danger. They do not extinguish fires. In addition, if no one is present when an alarm goes off, a fire can cause extensive damage before authorities are notified. Smoke alarms reduce the chance of dying in a fire by half. Fire sprinklers installed by a San Antonio fire protection company reduce that risk by 80 percent.

Sprinklers Cause Extensive Water Damage

Sprinklers are activated by the heat of a fire. They are not activated by normal household activities that produce heat or smoke, such as ovens, smoking cooking oil or burned food. The sprinkler heads typically discharge between 12 and 15 gallons of water per minute. In contrast, the discharge of water from a fire department hose is between 125 and 150 gallons per minute.

Statistics show that only one sprinkler is activated in 85 percent of fires. Because sprinklers are activated as soon as they sense high heat, a fire can be extinguished before it grows into a destructive blaze. In homes with sprinklers installed by a San Antonio fire protection company, the fire is contained within the room where it started 97 percent of the time. If a fire burns uncontrolled until the fire department arrives, there will be more fire, smoke and water damage.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Expensive

Fires can cause extensive damage to buildings and their contents. In industrial settings, estimates of damages are three times higher in buildings without sprinklers than buildings with sprinklers. However in homes with sprinklers, repairs from fire damage average $2,166. Repairs from fire damage in homes without sprinklers average $45,019. It pays to contact an experienced San Antonio fire sprinklers company to install fire protection equipment in both commercial and residential buildings.

Advantage Interests Inc. provides fire detection services for commercial and industrial buildings in the Houston and San Antonio areas. Our San Antonio fire alarms and sprinkler systems technicians work with each customer to devise a fire protection system that protects both property and employees. We also offer gas detection systems.

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