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San Antonio Fire Protection CompanyTechnological advances have had a significant impact on the fire safety field. Working with a San Antonio fire protection company will allow you to stay on the cutting edge of the technologies used to keep your facilities safe. Here are four of the most important advances in the modern fire protection industry.

Video Image Smoke Detection

This new technology uses a video camera and visual cues to detect the signs of a fire before it becomes large enough to set off most other San Antonio gas detection, smoke alarm or fire detection systems. By using advanced algorithms, video image smoke detection or VISD technologies will provide added protection for areas in which a fire must be detected as quickly as possible.

The Internet of Things

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more popular in the consumer marketplace, it is also finding its way into modern fire protection systems. IoT acts as a way to identify the areas in which fires are present and deploys San Antonio fire sprinklers and other fire suppression systems more quickly and appropriately. This will assist firefighters and first responders in dealing with these situations in the fastest way possible by providing added information and connectivity.

Oxygen Reduction in Targeted Areas

Especially for facilities that consist of multiple rooms that can be sealed off in a fire, oxygen reduction systems can smother flames by depriving them of the necessary oxygen. These systems cause less damage to equipment and fixtures while providing effective control for your business. Safeguards are in place to prevent people from suffering injury because of the temporary reduction in oxygen that powers these fire protection systems. Your San Antonio fire protection company will provide added guidance to help you decide if oxygen reduction is right for you.

Dynamic Wayfinding

Dynamic wayfinding systems are designed for larger buildings and offer both audible and visual cues to lead employees and guests toward exits and safety during a fire. Smoke can often obscure the signs intended to show the direction of fire exits. By adding audio cues, dynamic wayfinding makes it much easier for people to find their way out of your building when smoke and fire are present.

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